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  • Ulla Y.

Best we could find in the area

The most amazing daycare! Very good for the Russian speaking members of our community. My daughter went there since she was 2.5 years old until the graduation. She was totally prepared for the kindergarten, very advanced in reading and math, never needed any ESL classes in public school (even though we are not speaking English at home), and still she was able to recognize Russian ABCs, and even read Russian a little. I investigated a lot before we started this daycare, and it was the best what we could find in the area. The teachers and the owner are very very nice people. The place is absolutely clean, the food is fresh and healthy, all the toys are clean and in a very good condition. My daughter enjoyed to go there, and whenever I picked her up, she was absolutely neat with freshly combed hair, well-rested and ready to share with me all the interesting stuff she did with her friends and teachers during the day. Even in kindergarten we continue to use Solnyshko from time to time when the public school is closed for the national holidays – very convenient.


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