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  • Anya

Great opportunity

My son went to Solnyshko from since he was 2 till almost 5.  The teachers in this school are Russian speaking as well as most of the kids. My son had an English only speaking teacher in his pre-K class so that kids can catch up with English before K.   Outside of wanting to retain his native Russian language, the other benefits of this school are: - small in scale, one class of each age, great clean and bright facility - warm and caring atmosphere - they spend more time outdoors and are more weather hardy  (including hot and cold weather).  Not quite as in Waldorf schools which play outside in any weather, but much better then the typical American program my son attended part time when he turned five.  - hot lunches (1st course soup, 2nd course home cooked meal, etc) and - healthy snacks included in the price - outstanding holiday performances 2-3 times a year.   This performance is far beyond the typical graduation performances at other daycare.  They do 4-5 singing numbers, 2-3 dancing numbers, poems, games...   I would highly recommend it, and not only for Russian speaking kids/families.  I think it is a great opportunity for someone to be exposed to another language, as another option to Chinese or French schools in the area.


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