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  • Natalia Sawka

Highly recommend this daycare

My daughter went to Solnyshko for pre-K for and we could not be happier with all the aspects of this daycare.

Health and cleanliness - COVID protocols were strictly followed

Food - Solnyshko provides breakfast, two courses lunch meal and afternoon snack. Not only this was a major time saver for us but our daughter has expanded her food pallet significantly. Food is nutritious and menu is shared with the parents regularly.

Activities - pre-K 4 group had weekly art, gymnastics and music lessons that were given by specialty teachers. We have seen our daughter develo greatly without having to bring her to additional activities after school.

Engagement and Kindergarten preparation - our daughter always came up with her completed worksheets and would tell us about the book they are reading or art project they are doing. From her conversations we could tell she was well engaged in learning throughout the day.

Above all, staff is well organized, friendly and responsible. I would highly recommend this daycare.


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