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  • Svetlana K.

Nice balance between free play and fun learning activities

Thank you Solnyshko for the wonderful two years of great care and education. Thank you for the very good age appropriate curriculum, fun games, interesting projects, healthy homemade meals, friendly and caring teachers. 

My daughter (5 y.o) has been attending for two years, she’s been so happy that even asked if she can go again on the weekend. I loved the nice balance between free play and fun learning activities, art projects, math and language classes, music and dance classes. We also loved twice a year concerts/performances, when parents were delighted to see their little ones to sing, dance, play and recite poems! I’ve always felt comfortable and safe having my daughter in Solnyshko care. Special Thank You to Elena Semenova for keeping the place so warm, friendly and safe! When Nicole asked me once why it’s called Solnyshko I said because it’s so warm, bright and caring like the sun…

We are off to a new journey at school now, but we will miss Solnyshko a lot!


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