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  • Yevgenia A.

Warm and kind

We have been coming here since March/April. Our son is going to be 2.5yrs old. Elena and staff have been amazing as we transitioned and continue to take great care of our son. Speaking to other parents who have been coming here for longer all say great things, some shared that they plan on sending their 2nd child here as well. We will definitely be sending our 2nd here too once she is a little older. Our son comes home as neat and clean as he was when we dropped him off. Elena and staff are very accommodating. Program is great - our son is starting to speak more and even sings at home. I don't understand fully what yet but it's what he is learning at daycare. Plenty of outdoor time, good meals. I see kids not wanting to go home at pick-up .... that says a lot. All of the teachers I've interacted with are warm and kind. I could not be happier with our experience thus far and would recommend to others hands down.


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